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Barber Shop Sign

Barber Shop Sign

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Perfect for Barbers, Barbershops & Collectors!

Discover the charm of handcrafted laser cut artistry with our unique Wooden Barber Shop Sign, a masterpiece that blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Measuring 60cm x 23.5cm, this sign is not just a mere wall decoration but a statement piece for any barbershop, collector, or business seeking a touch of originality and style.

Each sign is meticulously designed, laser-cut, assembled, and hand-painted, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece with unmatched quality and attention to detail. I

Layered for a 3D Effect: Our innovative layered design gives this sign a stunning 3D appearance, creating an eye-catching display that stands out in any setting.

Perfect Size for Visibility: With dimensions of 60cm x 23.5cm, this sign is ideally sized to be noticeable yet fits comfortably in a variety of spaces.

Unique Design: As creators of this original design, we guarantee a product you won't find anywhere else. This exclusive piece is perfect for barbershops looking to add a unique and artistic touch to their decor.

Versatile Decor Piece: Beyond barbershops, this sign is an ideal collectible for enthusiasts or a distinctive decorative item for various businesses wanting to showcase a vintage or artisanal aesthetic.

Whether for your business, as a gift, or a personal collectible, this Wooden Barber Shop Sign is sure to impress with its artistic flair and exceptional craftsmanship. We make this sign for Indoors only!

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